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URL Shortener

Marketing With A URL Shortener

A URL shortener is an application that easily converts a regular website’s URL into a condensed one. The shortened versions, or short URLs, are usually between 10 and 20 characters long. For example, if you’re sharing a link to your blog and if you’ve done the SEO properly, then there’s likely to be a long-tail keyword included in the blog’s URL. That means the URL is probably a bit lengthy. Therefore, with a shortened URL, the link becomes more presentable and attractive. Also, the abbreviated link is more likely to be shared onto social media than longer ones.

Use A Free URL Shortener

Use the free short link service TRSURL, which is a free URL shortener to shorten a long link into a short URL and where you can also group multiple links together to share as one short link. There is link branding features for members, with advanced statistics to track conversion or click through rates and they also offer the developer API for website developers.

Shorten URLs And Group Multiple Links Into One

You can save both your short URLs and groups of multiple links in an account as a free member. Members can also create a custom link alias on short URLs, can add their own personalized branding on shortened links and can even place a password protection on short URLs. There are real-time traffic statistics on every short URL.

An Open Source Short URL Service

The short URL service TRSURL, is an open-source URL shortener for shortening long links and to group multiple links into one. You can create as many short URLs as you like, as there is no limitations and if you want to save your links you can Register Today for free!

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